Project Strategy

Project Strategy & Management

MarketAgent 007 can help small to medium-sized businesses increase sales and profits by providing effective project management strategy, using both print and web-based media.

Proper project management will help you optimize sales and results while minimizing costs, especially if you have multiple contractors and staff members working on a business marketing project.

Whether you want a simple brochure or a full-blown e-commerce website, MarketAgent 007 actively manages each and every project with you to ensure that marketing projects arrive on time, on budget and meet every specification. For more details, contact MarketAgent 007.

MarketAgent 007 will work closely with you and your staff to coordinate the development and distribution of promotional materials such as press releases, brochures and product data sheets, catalogs and customer newsletters, and improve the impact of your operation on your customers.

MarketAgent 007 can produce and maintain web sites to meet your needs, and even provide search engine optimization and web marketing services, if you desire. MarketAgent 007 will be highly involved in your project -researching the project and its audience; communicating project progress and weekly updates; maintaining schedules and budgets; directing all content, design and development strategies; and most importantly, providing an outstanding project that exceeds your expectations.

To discuss your project management needs, contact me today.